Statistical Abstract


Mr 'Ata'ata M. Finau, Government Statistician.

The 2006 Statistical Abstract is the first of this new millennium and the eighth in the Series, of which the previous one being the 1993 issue published in October 1993. That issue (1993) covered the fiscal years 1988/89 to 1991/92 or the calendar years 1989 to 1992. Then, the present issue, as its earlier ones, presents various socio, economic facts and figures about the Kingdom up to the 2003/04 or 2004 in continuation of those published in the 1993 issue.

I wish to record my deep appreciations to various Government Departments, Statutory boards, the financial institutions private commercial, Industrial and business enterprises, churches and other non-profit organizations and institutions for their cooperation in furnishing data and information that has gone into this publication. Data emanating from all such sources have been acknowledged under various tables.

Since the improvement of statistical data base of the Kingdom is a continuous function of the Department, it would welcome any constructive comments and suggestions to improve the content, coverage and the quality of the Statistics published herein.

Statistical Abstract 2006 report can be downloaded Tonga First Report On The Millennium Development Goals in section(s)