Health Statistics

SUMMARY Table on Health Statistics


Life expectancy at birth65697072
Infant mortality rate per 1,000 live births (under 1yr)21.514.5
Maternal mortality rate (per 100,000)37.1114.4
Total fertility rate3.83.7
Perinatal Morality Rate (per 1,000 live births)12.4 13.5 
Immunization coverage99.5999999999999999.5
% of pregnant women immunized with tetanus toxoid 297.9000000000000197.8
% of deliveries conducted by trained personnel100100
% of population with safe water supply9999.90000000000001
% of household with adequate sanitary facilities9999.7
% of population with access to appropriate health care services100100
with regular supply of essential drugs within one hours walk
% of married couples practicing contraception28.429.8
% of pregnant women attending ante natal care97.798.59999999999999
% of infants attended by trained personnel100100
Medical officers at post4555
Health Officrs at post2122
Nursing and Midwifery at posttbc355

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