Labour Market Statistics

Labour Market figures obtained from the Census of Population and Housing Survey

Latest Year Available Census 2011Census 2006
Total Male Female TotalMaleFemale
Labour force (15 years and over)
Employed population (number)33,42219,69513,7273529019,95615,334
  Paid workers (number)2369813,9779,72123438142739,165
  Subsistence workers (number)9,5495,6123,937114975,4995,998
  Other unspecified works (number)17510669355184171
Non - labour force (15 years and over)
Retired or too old3,8571,5282,329
Home responsible or domestic duties 13,8013,55410,24710312 3,1157,197
Other (according to adjusted unemployed)*6,7533,0503,70381893,7604,429
Labour Force partipation rate52.362.742.356.664.249
Employment population ratio36.74429.637.245.429
Unemployment rate (%)
Unemployment rate (%) - adjusted definition*
Unemployment rate (%) of 'subsistence33.233.133.335.930.842.5
  work' is classified as unemployed

Note: * Consistent with international definition of unemployed, it includes those who did not work but were looking and available to work 
        ** Adjusted to also include discouraged workers 
      *** Adjusted to also include subsistence and discouraged workers
Discourage workers includes those who believed no work was available, or because of weather conditions, or could not afford transport costs

Source: Census Report 2006, Statistics Department 

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