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The Department of Statistics has been conducting a number of specialised surveys over the past years. The results of these surveys in the form of summary tables and full reports shown in this website. Full reports (in pdf format) are available in our Publication Documents page. In all reports, there is description about the methodologies and definitions used including explanations on how specific indicators are derived.

Through its continuous good working relationships with other government, non-government and private institutions, the Department of Statistics website will continue to play a very important role as a platform for storing and disseminating information available.

Household Income & Expenditure Survey

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Household Expenditure (including sum of household consumption expenditure and non-consumption expenditure etc.

Household expenditure is defined as the sum of household consumption expenditure and the non-consumption expenditures of the household. The latter are those expenditures incurred by a household as transfers made to government, non-profit institutions and other households, without acquiring any goods or services in return for the satisfaction of the needs of its members. Household expenditure represents the total outlay that a household has to make to satisfy its needs and meet its "legal" commitments.

Expenditure TypeTonga Tongatapu Vava'u  Ha'apai 'EuaNiuas 
Consumption Expenditure        
Alcohol & Tobacco59575956674134117
Clothing & Footwear453445413481628
Housing & Utilities2331342331521259210035
Household Furnishings & Equip.9062906163399574
Medical & Health1161175150
Restaurant & Hotels51205125207114
Miscellaneious Gds & Ser.9461947155344047
Remittances-Received in Kind7953795837446966
Total Consumption Expenditure18561459185615561459103712291475
Non-Consumption Expenditure        
Special Events111971111031023813135
Contributions to Church152135152162896915272
Contributions to Village3837751215
Contributions to School171317131220148
Other Cash Gifts19218619219821713670146
Cash Remittances308307571859
Total Non-Consumption Exp.505447505490432275397335
Other Expenditure
House Construction2521252841490
Home Loan-Capital Payments32193223184210
Savings (Credit Union, Life Ins.)1311310224
Total Other Expenditure70417052227724
Imputed Rent        
Imputed Rent421261421272287177249140

Household Income (including household income for urban and rural household etc.)

Household Income is defined to cover: (i) income from employment (both paid and self-employment); (ii) property income, (iii) income from the production of household services for own consumption; and (iv) current transfers received.

Income TypeTonga Tongatapu Vava'u Ha'apai'Eua Niuas 
Household Income        
Income from Employment        
Wages & Salary - current job1,0835511,083662452255297576
Wages & Salary - previous job49184923593319
Wages & Salary - casual jobs1925191743392035
Business income13943139513837104
Subsistence income244331244215495611450303
Home Produce Consumed6820668173251224235452
Property Income        
Property Income66116691732220
Transfer Income        
Welfare, NFF & Child support2411241020136100
Total Household Income2,1691,5052,1691,5411,5422,6291,2941,646
Irregular Gifts Received        
Irregular cash gifts284168284167130298105162
Home Produce - received3429342633282853
Bought Goods - received1151101151171128010468
Total Irregular gifts433307433310275406237283
Other Receipts146221462314342028
Imputed Rent421261421272287177249140

Contact: mailMs. Telekaki Latavao

Manufacturing Survey

Manufacturing employment for 2016

Latest release on the Manufacturing Survey is the 2016 Annual Report. This is the Third Bulletin after a long pause in 2008 to 2013 due to staff constraint resulted in time series and trend break of information. Then in 2014 Manufacturing survey started again with the first report after the break in the manufacturing time series. The 2016 Manufacturing Output, Employment and Wages and Salaries Bulletin contains data for calendar year 2016 published by the Department in June 2017.

Table below shows the 2016 Summary Results.

A complete summary of the survey results for calendar year 2016
Item Unit 2016 Jan-Mar Apr-Jun Jul-Sept Oct-Dec
1. Establishments covered No. 82 79 84 84 81
2. Total production T$(000) 45,947 9,549 11,947 11,516 12,936
3. Persons employed No. 585 586 557 567 629
4. Wages and salaries T$(000) 6,865 1,782 1,393 1,767 1,923

The survey showed that the share of employment in 2016 commanded by Food and Beverages Industries held the highest number of 239 in employment (41%), followed by Non-metallic Mineral Industries with 106 in employment (18%), Wood and Products of Industries 88 in employment (15%), Furniture Industries 43 in employment (7%), Publishing and Printing Industries 33 in employment (6%) and the remaining 77 in employment (13%) distributed among Other Industries not mentioned below

Manufacturing employment level and its share by ISIC division

ISIC Div.DescriptionNo. %
15Food Products and Beverages23940.8
17Manufacture of Textiles122.05
18Manufacture of Wearing Apparel223.69
20Wood and Products of Wood8815.02
22Publishing and Printing335.67
24Chemicals and Chemical Products122
26Non-metallic Mineral Products10618.06
28Fabricated Metal Products91.54
36Manufacture of Furniture437.4

Source: Manufacturing survey, Statistics Dept

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Contact: mailMrs. 'Ilaisaane Tu'ipulotu

Manufacturing production for 2016

The survey showed that the total value of manufacturing output at end of 2016 was T$45.9 million of which Food Products and Beverages Industries held the biggest share of T$15.8 million (34%) of total output. Non-metallic Mineral Products followed with T$9.3 million (20%), Manufacture of Fabricated Metal Products with T$3.6 million (8%), Chemicals and Chemical Products with T$2.5 million (5%), Manufacture of furniture with T$1.7 million (4%) and the remaining T$13.1 million (29%) was shared among Recycling and Other Manufacture Industries.

Manufacturing production level and its share by ISIC division

ISIC Div.Description (T$) %
15Food Products and Beverages15,803,39034.4
17Manufacture of Textiles197,3010.4
18Manufacture of Wearing Apparel543,1811.2
20Wood and Products of Wood1,533,1793.3
22Publishing and Printing1,169,1752.5
24Chemicals and Chemical Products2,469,5475.4
26Non-metallic Mineral Products9,325,94020.3
28Fabricated Metal Products3,562,2137.8
36Manufacture of Furniture1,650,8723.6

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Contact: mailMrs. 'Ilaisaane Tu'ipulotu

Manufacturing Wages/Salaries by ISIC division for 2016

The below table shows that the share of wages and salaries paid to employment carried by various divisions at end of 2016 were: Food Products and Beverages Industries took the highest share of payments T$2.6 million (38%), followed by Non-metallic Mineral Products Industries with T$1.2 million (17%), Wood and Products of Wood Industries T$1.1 million (16%), Manufacture of Furniture Industries and Recycling and Other Manufacturing Industries contributed share of T$0.4 million each (6%), and all Other Industries with T$1.1 million (17%).

Manufacturing wages and salaries level and its share by ISIC division

ISIC Div.Description (T$) %
15Food Products and Beverages2,586,54237.68
17Manufacture of Textiles79,5001.16
18Manufacture of Wearing Apparel228,0203.32
20Wood and Products of Wood1,125,22316.39
22Publishing and Printing333,0194.85
24Chemicals and Chemical Products278,6814.06
26Non-metallic Mineral Products1,180,46917.2
28Fabricated Metal Products243,4803.55
36Manufacture of Furniture423,0956.16

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Contact: mailMrs. 'Ilaisaane Tu'ipulotu

Labour Force Survey

The Statistics Department produces report on Labour Force Survey. Labour Force Survey are carried out on an occasional basis. In 1990, 1993/94 and 2003. Labour Force Survey 2003 is the recent survey and it covers those age 15 and over in the whole Kingdom. It covers usually resident population including any that were absent from the household. Information includes age, sex, activity, current and usual employment status, hours worked and wages.

Comparison of key labour market indicators over time.

Labour force participation rate%  Both sexes63.659.555.4
(age 15 and over) Males74.5999999999999974.275.59999999999999
Employment to population ratio%  Both sexes60.358.853.1
(age 15 and over) Males7273.5999999999999973.90000000000001
Employment by sector   % distribution   Both sexes100100100
1990 and 1993/94 - age 10 and overAgricultures31.839.438.1
2003 - age 15 and over Industry30.625.720.6
% distribution       Males100100100
% distribution      Females100100100
2003  1993/94 1990
Unemployment rate(age 15 and over)         %  Both sexes5.20.82.3
(a) Youth unemployment rate(age 15-24)   %  Both sexes11.93.28.300000000000001
(b) Ratio of youth unemployment rate to adultBoth sexes3.34.23.4
     unemployment rate (age 15-24/25+)Males4.82.24.8
(c) Youth unemployment as aproportion of%  Both sexes4355.957.3
      total unemployment (age 15-24 / 15+)Males5441.264.40000000000001
(d) Youth unemployment as aproportion of the %  Both sexes4.61.33.6
          youth population (age 15-24)Males4.50.73
Number of wage and salary Both sexes15,59713,195
earners employed Males9,8618,104


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Manufacturing Production

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