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On Tuesday, the 6th of November, 2018 at Tanoá International hotel, marked the National Statistics Day, by launching 5 main reports which were:

  1. National Strategy for the Development of Statistics report
  2. Post-disaster needs assessment: Gita Cyclone Report Tonga 2018 report
  3. Food Consumption pattern in Tonga based on 2015/16 Household income and Expenditure Survey report
  4. Consumer Price Index rebase report on the month of September 2018
  5. Assessing progress towards the eradication of poverty in the Kingdom of Tonga report

Also the public awareness of the Tonga Statistics Department Website and the inclusion of the PopGIS mapping tool for viewing of the 2016 Population Housing and Census data.

Keynote Address was given by the Guest of Honour: Prime Minister Honourable Ákilisi Pohiva, and the Director for Statistics for Development Division: Dr. ‘Ofa Ketuú in SPC gave a brief report on the Microdata workshop - Improving data dissemination and use in Tonga and Pacific Islands.

Later followed in the evening session, by a small Statistical Exhibitions of various statistics, together with running of the Microdata Workshop for 8 countries (Cook, Tuvalu, Fiji, Vanuatu, FSM, Nauru and Samoa) with are 7 Government Statisticians and 2 other representatives. This workshop was run by 2 SPC consultants and the SPC Director for Statistics for Development Division, also Tonga’s GS and AGS 

Tonga Statistics at a Glance - Latest Releases

Population and Housing Census, 2016
(head counts of number of people in Tonga on the 30th November, 2016)

Island DivisionPopulation
Ongo Niua1,232

Click HERE to access the 2016 Tonga National Population and Housing Census Report

Migration, Monthly: January 2018, Annual: 2017
(including Statistics on Overseas Arrivals and Departures)

International Arrivals and Departures, Monthly: January 2018
Monthly: January 2018
Total International Arrivals12,475
Total International Departures12,147
International Arrivals and Departures, Annual: 2017

Click HERE for more information on Migration.

Click HERE to access the 2018 January Migration Report

Click HERE to access the 2017 Annual Migration Report

Consumer Price Index, January 2019
(including CPI for the period and Annual Inflation etc.)

Consumer Price Index (CPI), Monthly: January 2019
(Base period :October 2010=100.0)
Total Index 99.7
(January 2019 )
Local Index102.8
(January 2019 )
Imported Index97.2
(January 2019 )
Annual Inflation Rate 4.2%
(January 2019 )

Click HERE for more information on Consumer Price index.

Click HERE to access the January 2019 Report

Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 2015-2016
(including GDP, GDP growth rate etc.)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) GDP Highlights 2017
GDP (Current Prices) in million Pa'anga889.5m
Real GDP Growth (% change YOY)3.4%

Click HERE for more information on Gross Domestic Product.

Click HERE to access the GDP 2015 Bulletin

Balance of Payments (BOP), 2015/2016
(including Production of goods and services in Tonga for the period)

Balance of Payments
Balance on Goods and Services $T'000-416,340
Current Account Balance $T'000-122,979
Current Account Balance (% GDP)-13.8
Level of Official Reserves at end year $T'000354,900
(2015/16) (end of June qtr.)

Click HERE for more information on Balance of Payments.

International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS): Quarterly: 2018 Quarter 2, Annual: 2017
(including Imports, Exports, Re-exports and Balance of Trade)

Foreign Trade Statistics (Quarterly, June 2018)
Total Imports 127,849
Total Exports 5,727
Total Re-Exports 1,234
Balance of Trade-122,122
Foreign Trade Statistics (Annual, 2017)
Total Imports 523,976
Total Exports 41,671
Total Re-Exports 9,678
Balance of Trade-482,359

Click HERE for more information and other reports on International Merchandise Trade Statistics.

Monthly reports also available and can be downloaded.

Click HERE to access the 2018 Quarter 2 Trade Report

Click HERE to access the 2017 Annual Trade Report


Reports on Statistic Day 2018

Click HERE to access the Food Consumption pattern in Tonga

Click HERE to access Post Disaster Needs Assesment_Gita Cyclone


To access other reports from various years, please visit our LIBRARY on the menu bar above : TDS Documents Library