Balance of Payments

The Statistics Department produces annual reports on Balance of Payments provided fiscal and quarterly statistical data. Tonga Balance of Payments statements record economic transactions between Tonga and the rest of the world (or in other words, transactions of residents of Tonga with non residents). They show the value of goods, services, income, transfers and changes in Tonga's claims on the liabilities with foreigners.

For more information on TBOP please see TBOP Report (click on the link to TBOP report)

Tonga Balance of Payment Statistics Summary, T$(thousands)

2009-10 2010-112011-122012-13
Balance on Goods and Services-311,068-333,196-324,422-303,732
Balance on Trade in Goods-298,412-347,708-317,287-310,915
Exports f.o.b20,21824,86727,39926,007
Imports f.o.b318,630372,575344,686336,922
Services credit76,025110,944120,305135,508
Services debit88,68196,432127,440128,325
Balance on Primary Income10,75621,00023,9409,858
Primary income cedit19,79129,36032,62523,379
Primary income debit9,0348,3608,68413,521
Balance on goods, Services and Income-300,311-312,196-300,482-293,874
Balance on Secondary Income171,613175,892168,752130,447
Secondary income credit193,201193,209181,815148,680
Secondary income debit21,58917,31713,06318,234
Balance on Current Account (excluding reinvested earnings)-128,699-136,304-131,730-163,427
Capital Account     
Capital account credit47,44188,306101,45594,893
Capital account debit1,0992872,5322,327
Balance on Capital Account46,34288,01998,92392,566
Net Lending(+)/Borrowing(-)from Current and-82,357-48,285-32,806-70,861
Financial Account     
Financial Asset34,20033,30342,30017,200
Direct investment----
Portfolio investment----
Financial derivatives (other than reserves) and employee stock options----
Other investment-3 - -
Reserve assets34,20033,30042,30017,200
Financial Liabilities47,21070,38778,10725,307
Direct investment7,14825,69532,92429,877
Portfolio investment----
Financial derivatives and employee stock options-- - -
Other investment40,06244,69245,183-4,570
Net Lending(+)/Borrowing(-)from Financial Accounts-13,010-37,084-35,807-8,107
Net errors and omissions-69,347-11,2013,001-62,754

Note: Increase in reserve = negative entry, decrease in reserve = positive entry
Source: Balance of Payments Report, Statistics Department

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